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Tarentum Report 2017
What The Lord Hath Done:

"And when they were come, and had gathered the church together, they rehearsed all that God had done with them, and how he had opened the door of faith unto the Gentiles." Acts 14:27

36 Years At Tarentum: Robert & Cathy Johnson (Preacher & Wife)

Greetings from the brethren in Tarentum, PA. For the benefit of many of our brethren who may not be familiar with the history of the work here, this report presents a brief summary of the work going on in this part of God's kingdom. Cathy and I are nearing the completion of our 36th year of labor with the congregation in Tarentum.

Our Facilities:
We began in the basement, but have now completely remodeled the upstairs and added classrooms as they were needed. The members did all the remodeling and we purchased used pews from a church in Pittsburgh. Our building is pretty old, but it is serving us very well and provides room for our continued growth.
Our building is located in a densely populated part of Tarentum about two blocks from downtown. The entire area around Tarentum is heavily populated. We have members who drive from as much as 45 minutes to worship, but most live within twenty minutes of the building.
We purchased a large lot across the street and after tearing down the buildings, installed a much needed parking lot. Before acquiring the parking lot we had only a small side lot and on the street parking. This new lot has served us very well and has given us room to grow, not to mention keeping us on good terms with the neighbors. We purchased the lot with money raised from the members (with several borrowing money) and from sister congregations in Tennessee, Ohio and West Virginia. At present our building and parking lot are completely paid for and require only minor ongoing remodeling and maintenance.

"Life Resources" Since 1984:
In February of 1984, we began writing and publishing our own evangelistic newsletter called "Life Resources" and mailing it into Tarentum and the surrounding communities. This was a decision we made after attempting a number of door knocking campaigns, Bible Call and making use of the local newspaper. Since its beginnings, Life Resources has carried the Gospel message into over 30,000 homes (each receiving at least 10 to 12 issues). This paper has led to many baptisms over the years and is directly responsible for our first contact with many of our current members. This project allowed us to put a Gospel message into every home in most of the communities and towns in our area. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of printing and postage, we have suspended this publication for the last several years. Some back issues are available on this website.

Tarentum's Membership:
Our membership is composed of all ages. We have a number of members who are retirement age and many still in the middle of raising their families. We have numerous couples where both husband and wife are members of the church, several where only the husband or wife are members and a number of single members. In the past few years, many of our young people have obeyed the Gospel. These represent the first and second generation of children to be raised in the church in our area. The member's occupations include nursing, maintenance, computer related work, retired steel mill workers, construction, etc. The members at Tarentum are close and always ready to work together when a job needs to be done.
Most of the men can preach and regularly help out in teaching the Bible classes and in leading the services. We also have many excellent teachers among the women, working with the younger children. Several of the men share the responsibility of leading the singing along with the younger men who are learning to lead.
Many of our members also work each year at church camp. I (Robert) directed church camp for 16 years and am currently working as a teacher with the North East Ohio Christian Youth Camp (NOCYC) in Lisbon, Ohio.. Another of our members (Scott Kronenwetter) recently became an co-director of this same camp. In our time here, many souls have heard the truth and obeyed the Gospel of Christ. We plant and water, but God gives the increase.

Tarentum's Continuing Goals:
As a congregation of the Lord's Church in Western Pennsylvania, we continue to strive for these goals: We study to be a stronghold for the truth of the New Testament. It is one of our primary goals to teach our young people to carry on the work of the kingdom here in the coming years. As long as the congregation here exists, we intend it to be a light for the truth in our part of the world.

In Christ's Service,

Robert Johnson,
For the congregation

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